Shradha Daniels



Shradha is one of our paraplanners. She has an MBA, is a qualified accountant and has a diploma in financial planning. This role will strengthen Shradha’s experience as she works on becoming an adviser in the future.

Shradha works closely with our advisers to allow them to focus on working closely with our clients and identifying their needs. Often writing reports, offering recommendations and organising records.


Shradha lives with her husband, two daughters and her mother.

She’s a big foodie, loves going on holiday and socialising with her friends. Shradha has a new-found passion for baking cakes with her children. To balance her love of food, she likes to exercise outdoors or at the gym.

Shradha in the spotlight

The first album I bought was:

Bon Jovi

The three people at my dream dinner party would be:

Barack Obama, Abhishek Bachchan and Frank Skinner

Three things I haven’t done so far include:

Go to Iceland, try skiing and paragliding